10 Surprising And Strange Facts About Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler is one of the most controversial, despised, evil men from all of history. His beliefs and opinions were the reason that many people were cast out of their home country, stripped of all their belongings, and he was the cause of death for millions of people. The Holocaust was one of the largest genocides this world has ever seen, and it all started because of one man. This list is filled with ten facts about that man, Adolf Hitler, and it is incredibly interesting to find out what type of person was behind the Holocaust.

He Liked America

Hitler often praised the “efficiency” of the American Genocide of Native Americans, something that the U.S. tries to downplay.

He Had A Strict Father

Hitler’s father was an Austrian customs official, and he was well known for his hot temper and strictness.

He Wanted To Get Rid Of Cosmetics

Hitler initially wanted to completely get rid of the cosmetics industry in Germany, but he decided to do it gradually and slowly so he wouldn’t upset Eva Braun, his mistress.

He Did Not Like Soccer

Hitler developed a hate for soccer, because he knew that there was no way to cheat or manipulate the game for Germany’s favor.

He Wanted To Start A Museum

Hitler began to collect Jewish artifacts during the Holocaust, and said that he was going to start a “Museum of an Extinct Race.”


The Nazi party once tried to turn Christmas into a non-religious holiday which celebrated the coming of Hitler. Saint Nicholas would have been replaced by Odin the “Solstice Man” and swastikas would be placed on the top of Christmas trees.

He Lied To The Church

He made a deal with the Catholic church, ensuring that they would be safe during WWII, but he quickly broke that agreement and let the Nazi’s continue with anti-Catholic activities.

He Had Jewish Friends

Although Hitler hated the Jews, he reportedly had a close friend of Jewish descent. He also kept one Jewish doctor safe from the concentration camps because the doctor had provided free medical care for him and his family as a child.

He Committed Suicide

Not only did he commit suicide, but he did it the day after his wedding to Eva Braun.

He Loved Disney Films

Hitler loved Disney movies. He actually called Snow White one of the best films of his time.