10 Strange Yet Horrendous Injuries People Have Suffered

Skipping Rope Accident

There are plenty of ways to get an injury while using a skipping rope; after all, they aren’t exactly the safest pieces of equipment. One man somehow managed to get a skipping rope lodged in his bladder and urethra after he inserted it into his penis for sexual pleasure. The rope had tangled and gotten into knots that required surgery to remove the 1.1 meters of material.

Drilled Through The Head

Ron Hunt was a construction worker who had an accident on the job that saw him fall from a ladder straight onto a large drill. The piece of equipment went through his eye socket, tore up much of his head and exited the skull. Fortunately, the drill had pushed against the brain rather than ripping into it, meaning he was left with no serious long-term effects after doctors unscrewed the piece back out of his head.