15 Ways To Determine An Unborn Baby’s Gender Before A Doctor Can

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One of the first questions of well-meaning friends and family to a pregnant lady is: “Is it a boy or a girl?” The gender of a baby is an interesting topic for everyone, and some even make a betting game out of it. In truth, no one can never find out until the 20th week through an ultrasound scan (even then, it isn’t 100% guaranteed). Some parents choose to wait until the baby is born to find out.

Many mothers swear they already knew their baby’s gender before the baby came out, and even before their ultrasound scans. Mothers mostly swear by mother’s instinct and a lot of other non-scientific ways and old wives’ tales. If the suspense is killing you and you badly want to know your baby’s gender now, here are 15 fun ways for you to predict an unborn baby’s gender.


Most women experience cravings during pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance. The type of food you’re craving could determine your unborn baby’s gender.

If you’re craving for sweet and sugary foods, you’ll most likely have a girl. Craving for salty and savory foods mean you’re having a boy on the way.

Queasy Does it

Many women report they have little or no nausea and morning sickness when they were pregnant with their boys.

A baby girl on the way isn’t as pretty. It normally means a constant upset stomach and horrible morning sickness.

Bump Position

If you’re carrying your bump low, you’re having a baby boy. If you’re rocking a higher bump, expect to have a pretty pink baby coming soon.

Chinese Birth Calendar

The 700-year-old Chinese birth chart is still used in the east to successfully predict their bub’s gender without the help of a doctor.

Through the baby’s date and month of conception, the Chinese birth calendar can predict the unborn baby’s gender. It can be used as a pre-conception tool where parents try to conceive on a certain date if they are leaning on a preferred gender.

Heartbeat Rate

When your gynecologist takes a doppler test to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, take note of the heartbeat rate.

It’s said that a heartbeat of 140 bpm and above indicate a baby girl. A beat rate below 140 bpm indicates a bouncy baby boy.


Do you have a pimple breakout and bad skin during your pregnancy? You should be blaming your baby girl for that. Old wives tales say the nasty zits appear because baby girls steal their mother’s beauty.

Drano Test

Purchase a bottle of Drano in your local supermarket found by the cleaning products aisle.

Old wives say to pee on a small cup. Add a tablespoon of Drano and see how the color changes. If your pee changes to green it’s a girl. If the pee changes to blue, it’s time to start shopping for blue clothes.

The Ring Test

Take off your ring (it has to be your wedding ring, by the way!) and tie i on a string and suspend it directly above your bump.

Observe how the ring moves–if it moves back and forth you’ll be having a girl. If it circles around, congratulations on a baby boy!

Poise During Pregnancy

A graceful pregnancy means you have a graceful and pink baby inside your belly too. Clumsy and stumbling? That’s probably a baby boy on the way.

Show me your Hands

Imagine I’m talking to you face-to-face and I ask you to show your hands. The hand palm’s direction will determine your unborn’s baby gender.

If you showed your hands with palms facing down, you will be having a baby boy. Down? You’re getting a girl.

Dream Reversal

Have you had those dreams where you’re having a boy or girl? Don’t count it as prediction to what they will be. Old wives say that if you dream about having a boy, you will have a girl and vice versa.

The Breast Says it All

Inspect those mammaries as they may be holding a clue to your baby’s gender. If your left breast looks larger than the right, it indicates a baby boy. Conversely, a larger right breast compared to the left means you’re carrying a girl.

Get Toddler Advice

Legend says babies can accurately predict your bump’s gender. If a toddler boy shows interest in your baby bump means it’s a girl. If he doesn’t seem interested it’s probably a boy.

The same goes for toddler girls. A toddler’s interest in the bump will mean the unborn baby is of the opposite sex.

Loading On Garlic

One rather smelly way to determine your baby’s sex is to eat garlic (yick). After a couple of hours, if the smell of garlic seeps out of your skin’s pores, you’re having a baby boy. If there’s no scent at all, it’s a baby girl.

Be warned though, if you try this method everyone (including your husband!) will probably stay a few meters away from you.

The Answer is Key

The answer to your questions is a key! Intentionally drop a key and pick it up without looking. If you picked it up by the round end, legend says you’re expecting a boy. If it’s by the pointy end of the key, you’re having a girl.