10 Strange Yet Horrendous Injuries People Have Suffered

Hospitals, especially accident and emergency departments, have to deal with all kinds of people who have hurt themselves. Their very nature means that anyone who has an injury or wound will go there to seek assistance and try to get as much help as possible. Many of these types of incidents will involve common injuries that happen to a lot of us, things that doctors and nurses are used to seeing on a daily basis. Others though, are far rarer and will leave you, just as they did the medical professionals who treated them, gob smacked.

Eye Caught On Jumper Zip

Trying on a new jumper is something that most people would do without getting into any danger but that isn’t the case for everyone though. Hospitals around the world have reported on cases of people getting their eyelids caught in the zips of jumpers as they pull them over their heads. In fact, it happens particularly frequently at Christmas when people get new Christmas jumpers to try on.

Naughty Electrocution

While watching pornography on his computer, an 18-year-old got a little bit too excited while enjoying himself. At one point, his bodily fluids managed to short circuit the monitor and provide a way for the current to travel from the electronics to his body. This gave him a severe electric shock that required lengthy hospital treatment.