10 Strange Items That Sold At Auction For Insane Amounts

When you are in possession of something valuable, the best way to find a good price is by conducting an auction. People auction off all kinds of things, from historical products to movie memorabilia. There are plenty of collectors out there who are willing to pay good money for rare and unique items. Most of the things that get auctioned for high prices end up falling under the spectrum of art or history, but there are plenty of things that you wouldn’t believe have been sold for millions of dollars. Here is a list of 10 strange and bizarre products that have been sold at an insanely high price.

Churchill’s Denture

Winston Churchill was an outspoken and enigmatic politician who left a massive mark on the world. His denture alone was sold at a shocking 23,000 dollars.

Meteorite Collection

Anything from outer space is bound to be worth a lot of money. A rare meteorite collection, owned by meteorite hunter Rob Elliott, was auctioned off at a hefty 1.4 million dollars.