10 Strange Fears People Actually Suffer From

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Some fears are quite common, like arachnophobia, which is terrifying, but some are just plain silly. It’s really odd to think someone could be afraid of bubbles or butterflies, but there are people who exist within this world that have some truly unreasonable fears. It’s unclear what these people do when faced with their fear, but it most likely ends with them having a slight panic attack and running away. In any case, here are ten strange fears people actually do suffer from.


Auchloclaustrophobia is not the type of fear you come across every day, but this is actually the fear of opening closet doors. Not the closet themselves, but simply opening the door up and peering inside.

Dental Phobia

This one is actually quite common. Dental phobia is, pure and simple, the fear of going to the dentist. No one enjoys having their teeth picked at or scrubbed by someone else, though it is a necessity.


Arachnophobia, as previously mentioned, is quite common. Spiders are scary, and it makes sense. But Lepidopterophobia is the fear of butterflies, which begs a few questions towards anyone suffering from this particular fear.

Spontaneous Combustion

While spontaneous combustion might happen, it is incredibly rare and not worth worrying about in the slightest. Not a single case has been recorded by the science community as of this writing. People are afraid of it, however.


Some people are absolutely terrified that they will voice their thoughts out loud. So, the person suffering from this particular fear is living within their own head, which turns into their prison after a short period of time.

Physical Deformity

If you’re in a high contact sport, such as boxing, football, or doing some work as a contortionist, then this is a completely reasonable fear to have. However, being terrified of a physical deformity is pretty unreasonable.

Fear of Bumpy Bodies

This could easily come from a specific form of hypochondria, but some people are terrified that they will find a bump somewhere on their body. A bump could mean a lot of things, such as a lot of extra stress in your life, or perhaps cancer.


Elevators get you from one floor to another without a problem, generally. However, some people are worried they will lose their lives in an elevator accident by stepping inside of one. That is incredibly rare to happen, though.


Ebulliophobia is the type of fear where if people found out about it then they would pick on you for the rest of your life. The fear of bubbles is both unreasonable and completely silly, because bubbles are pretty cool floating in the air.

Toilet Rat

There is no official name for having this specific fear, perhaps just afraid of rats biting your butt would work. The fear is quite common, though, as people really don’t want to find a sewer rat crawling up their toilet bowl.