10 Strange Creatures You Never Knew Existed

The world is a fascinating place filled with unusual animals and underwater creatures that many of us have never seen or heard of in our lives. Some might seem like characters from a movie and, without scientific proof, we would quite likely assume that many were simply folklore creatures. However, peculiar organisms can be found in remote places across the globe. Prepare to be utterly shocked as we show you some creatures you never even knew existed.

The Pacu Fish

Also known as the ‘testicle eating’ fish or the ‘ball cutter’ this freshwater fish is usually found in the rivers of the Amazon and Papua New Guinea. Although the Pacu’s regular diet consist of fruits, nuts and small fish, it has also been known to eat human flesh-more specifically testicles- with its human-like teeth.

The Okapi

Despite its Zebra like appearance, the Okapi is actually more closely related to giraffes and is native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa.