10 Strange Businesses You’ve Never Heard Of

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It is a highly competitive market out there, and the only way to stay ahead of the game is by engaging in a business that is both unique and unheard of. Every new idea has great potential to succeed in the current market scenario, because people are always on the look out for something new. Not all new ideas are instant hits, and some of them can simply be bizarre. Here is a list of 10 businesses that you haven’t heard of but definitely exist.

Last Messages Club

Ever wanted to leave behind the perfect message for your loved ones just in case the unthinkable happens to you, and you don’t know the perfect place to leave this message? You can simply register on lastmessagesclub.co.uk, and record your message there. You can upload up to 100 emails that will be released in case you pass, along with other important details such as wills and insurance documents.

Professional Bird Poop Cleaners

If you have to park your car near a large tree, you know that bird poop is a terrible problem to deal with. After all the years of suffering with heaps of bird sh*t on your car, you can now call for a professional service that has been specially equipped to deal with this very particular menace.

Ashes To Portraits

Most people like to keep their loved ones close by even after they pass by holding on to their ashes. A good use for these ashes, instead of simply letting them rest in an urn, is by converting the ashes into a masterpiece painting. A company called ‘Ashes to portraits’ does exactly this for you, so you can even have a portrait of your family member, that is made out of their ashes itself.

Egg Alert

If you are trying to get pregnant, you and your partner need to constantly map the best days in terms of fertility. Now an SMS service called EggAlert can actually do this for you and send you an SMS when you are the most fertile during the month.

Xtreme Taxidermy

Xtreme Taxidermy is a unique taxidermy service that will freeze dry your beloved pet in order to let you keep them as a memorial in your home. You can even choose the position you want your pet to rest in.

Ring 4 Freedom

Although this service pretty much can be accessed by a touch of a button on modern smart phones, Ring 4 Freedom was the first service to think of this unique feature. It was designed for all those people who want to get away from someone they don’t want to talk to, but want to do so in a polite manner. This web-based service sends a fake call to your phone at the right time so that you can avoid awkward sitatuions by simply walking away.

Line Standing Service

For all those people out there who consider themselves to be lazy and simply hate the bureaucratic process, this service is just for you. Linestanding.com allows you to actually hire a person who will stand in line for you anywhere, and any time. This service unfortunately can only be accessed so far by people living in the Washington DC area.

Last Meal Delivery Service

Every prisoner deserves a decent last meal, no matter how gruesome a person he/she is. The ‘Last Meal Delivery’ service in Toronto offers prisoners a chance to pick a great last meal that isn’t made in a prison kitchen. The meal only costs 20 dollars and it even comes with a DVD to watch while eating your last meal. The most bizarre thing is that it also includes a mask of the convict who ordered the meal.

Pink Taxi For Women

A taxi service specially for women is a great idea where women don’t feel too particularly safe. ‘Pink Taxi For Women’ is a service that features 35 cabs, and was started in the Mexican city of Puebla. This service actually has taxis that are completely colored pink and according to women who have used the service, the idea has worked perfectly well.

Crime Scene Cleaners

Ever wondered who cleans up the mess after a horrifying crime scene? The police only investigate the area but play no part in the cleaning process. A company called ‘Crime Scene Cleaners’ can now help you deal with at least one portion of the traumatic experience by ensuring that you at least don’t have to worry about cleaning up the horrifying blood stains.