10 Strange And Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Death

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There is no escaping death, it is merely a fragment of the circle of life. The law of entropy states that we are moving from order to chaos, and our bodies cannot escape this entropy. One of the biggest questions that has haunted humanity since the time of consciousness is related to life after death. We may never know the answer to that question, but it should not stop us from living life to the fullest. Death can be fascinating in its own way if you look at it with the right lens. This list includes 10 strange and interesting facts about death.

Headless Cockroaches

We can only life for a few seconds without our heads, but cockroaches are very different that way. They can live up to nine days without their head, which is why people think that cockroaches are the one of the only things that can possibly survive an apocalypse.

Left-Handed Victims

Nearly everything in our society is created keeping right-handed people in mind since they form the majority. This is adversely affecting left-handed in a really big way. Nearly 250 people lose their life each year due to products created for right-handed people. Not only that, a recent study showed that left handed people tend to live an average of 9 years less than right-handed folk.

Life After Death

Scientists have studied a lot of cases involving people who have had near-death experiences. A lot them claim to have experienced a higher state of consciousness, a feeling of being connected to everything and everyone in the universe. Some scientists believe that our consciousness transfers into the universal consciousness after we pass, so it is possible that we continue to live forever in that state.

One Man’s Death Is Another’s Dinner

Death may not be the worst thing in the world if you ask vultures. These scavengers rely primarily on rotting flesh as a source of nutrition. Some Tibetan Buddhists cut their dead into small pieces, make a pulp, and feed it to Vultures as an offering.

Bad Handwriting Kills

Doctors are notoriously famous for having bad handwriting. This is very dangerous because they are responsible for writing the things that are supposed to make us better. A recent study showed that nearly 70,000 people are killed each year due to faulty prescriptions handed out to people because of bad handwriting.

Dancing With The Dead

A tradition known as Famadihana is followed in Madagascar that actually celebrates death. This tradition involves people digging up the bones of their loved ones, dressing them up in new clothes, and dancing around with them merrily. This ritual is performed once every seven years in the region.

Death By Laughter

Laughter is supposed to be good for you. It relaxes your body and releases serotonin in your brain that makes you feel good. Unfortunately, too much of anything can be bad for you, even laughter. A recent study shows that people can actually die due to laughing an excessive amount.

Death By Crucifixion

You might think that crucifixion is an activity from biblical times, but you would be wrong. Crucifixion is the official and legal death penalty in countries like Sudan and United Arab Emirates.

Corpse To Soap

Did you know that the human body can be turned into soap after a person passes away? This process is called saponification, and it involves producing soap from fat and lye in fatty tissues. The fatty tissues turn into adipocerous or what is known as corpse cheese. This process was also replicated by Egyptians during mummification.

Delaying Death

What if you are supposed to be dead, but you aren’t? It isn’t a question most people ponder, but David Lunt had to question this for quite sometime. On 14th January 1877, he was shot in the forehead in a saloon. The gunshot should have killed him instantly, but David lived for 67 days after that before he suddenly collapsed on the 68th day.