10 Silly Myths People Believe About Fast Food Joints

Crazy myths about the fast food industry have spread like wildfire among many people throughout the last several years. From the beef used in Taco Bell’s food to the content of shakes at McDonald’s, countless people have fell for unbelievable myths about the nature of fast food. Fortunately, a lot of the infamous myths have been proven to be false. Some have been debunked by popular fast food companies themselves. Find out what is really true about fast food. The facts may surprise you!

Myth: The Incorruptible Hamburger

Fact: According to McDonald’s Canada, McDonald’s hamburgers do tend to dry out instead of rot, yet this is not due to the use of chemicals that make the hamburgers “incorruptible”. In reality, the hamburgers just do not have much moisture in them after the cooking process, and leaving them in the open air reduces more moisture. Otherwise, the hamburgers would rot like any other fast food hamburger.

Myth: Dine-In Restaurants Are Healthier Than Fast Food Restaurants

Fact: A Drexel study exposed that dine-in establishments do not always serve food that is always healthier than fast food restaurants. In reality, a full meal at a sit-down restaurant can lead one to pack on more calories than one needs in a whole day. Compare that to a fast food combo meal with more calories than needed for just one meal.