10 Signs You May Be A Hoarder

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Hoarder shows on television are popular because many of the people watching them can relate to that need to have things in their home. Most of you know when to stop, when to throw something away or donate it, and most of you probably like the ability to walk through your own home without having to climb over a pile of junk. Hoarding is a disease, and illness of the mind, but if you know the early signs you just might be able to turn your hoarding tendencies around and live a more orderly and tidy lifestyle.

You Have A Collection Of Any Kind

It doesn’t matter what you are collecting, if you have a collection of any kind you are slowly bordering on hoarding. Ask yourself, “Can I stop collecting any time I want?” “Can I get rid of my collection without crying or without feeling like I’ve lost my best friend?” If you can’t do these two things, get rid of stuff or turn down the purchase or gifting of a collectible item, then you may be a hoarder.

You Never Throw Anything Away

Not all hoarders have homes stuffed to the gills with garbage, but if you do, there is no denying you have an issue. If you just can’t ever seem to throw anything away, even dirty paper plates or empty grocery bags, you’re probably a hoarder.

You Often Say “Some Day I’ll Have A Use For This”

If you tend to keep things because you think you might need them later, even if it’s been months since you’ve used them, you’re starting to become a hoarder. A good rule to live by is if you haven’t used it in six months then you don’t need it. If it’s still usable, donate it. If not, throw it away or recycle it.

You Often Hear Your Guests Mention You Have A Lot Of Stuff

“Wow, you have a lot of records,” or whatever other item it is you are collecting. It’s not really said in a sarcastic tone, but also not in a “this is a good thing” tone.

Friends Just Stop Coming Over

Depending on what you are hoarding, maybe animals or rotten food, you friends may think your house smells bad. So, they stop coming over. You probably don’t smell it anymore because your nose has gotten used to it.

You Stop Inviting People Over

Maybe you realize you have a problem, but you still haven’t figured out how to fix it, so your answer is to isolate yourself. You may leave your home to visit your friends and family, but you never invite them over for fear of what they’ll say about your home.

Your “Collections” Rarely Have A “Home” In Your Home

It’s one thing to have a specific collection and have it in a display case, but when you no longer (or never did) keep them on display, your collection has now become a hoarding.

Even Your Yard Is Feeling The Affects Of Your Obsession

Not only is your home stuffed full of stuff, but your yard is starting to look like its own garbage dump. When the items in your yard meant to be inside a home outweigh the items in your yard that are meant for yard use, you are definitely a hoarder.

You Own More Than Three Of Any Type Of Animal

Unless you are running an animal rescue, and even if you sometimes are, if you have too many animals for one person to deal with, you are an animal hoarder. The worst thing about this type of hoarding is that you aren’t just hurting yourself, but you are also hurting those innocent animals that rely on you for food, shelter and veterinary care.

You Don’t Think You Have A Problem

The final sign that you are a hoarder, or you are bordering on becoming one, is if your house is so full of boxes you feel surrounded by them, or there is so much stuff that you can’t walk through without stepping on things or tripping. You have these things, but you just don’t see what is wrong with it. You are in denial. Yes, you are a hoarder. Please ask someone for some help. It’s not too late to get “clean!”