10 Signs You May Be A Hoarder

Hoarder shows on television are popular because many of the people watching them can relate to that need to have things in their home. Most of you know when to stop, when to throw something away or donate it, and most of you probably like the ability to walk through your own home without having to climb over a pile of junk. Hoarding is a disease, and illness of the mind, but if you know the early signs you just might be able to turn your hoarding tendencies around and live a more orderly and tidy lifestyle.

You Have A Collection Of Any Kind

It doesn’t matter what you are collecting, if you have a collection of any kind you are slowly bordering on hoarding. Ask yourself, “Can I stop collecting any time I want?” “Can I get rid of my collection without crying or without feeling like I’ve lost my best friend?” If you can’t do these two things, get rid of stuff or turn down the purchase or gifting of a collectible item, then you may be a hoarder.

You Never Throw Anything Away

Not all hoarders have homes stuffed to the gills with garbage, but if you do, there is no denying you have an issue. If you just can’t ever seem to throw anything away, even dirty paper plates or empty grocery bags, you’re probably a hoarder.