10 Signs That Were Vandalized In Hilarious Ways

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Ever walk down the street and see a sign and think, “I know how to make that funnier!”? Yea, me neither, but these ten trolls certainly know their stuff when it comes to fast wits and even faster graffiti. The results of these ten awesome vandals trolling funny signs are hilariously awesome and makes you wonder what went through their head for them to come up with these ideas. Thankfully people like these exist to make our everyday life just a little bit more bearable.

Healthy Competition

When your competitors go out of business, you have free reign over prices.

No Eating

Everyone knows that eating leaves a mess, but this troll made a sign into a potentially funny situation.


Congrats on being a jellyfish, jellyfish. Never mind the machine that dries your hands.

This Is Sparta

Falling on a wet floor is a lot funner when you’re doing jazz hands.


Making that “in” into an “on” gave this troll a brilliant idea.

How Much Again?

In case you didn’t catch it the first two times, these vandals are helping everyone out with the pricing of the chocolate bars.

Worried Doors

Saying that there is an alarm attached to the door isn’t nearly as funny as saying that something startled a door.

Accurate Apple Advertisment

We all know there is a premium price mark up on Apple products, and whoever make this deserves a medal for accuracy.

Stubborn Men

An advertisement for health checks gets an accurate makeover.

Attention, Be Wary

Slipping maybe be an issue, but the snakes around these parts will chase you.