10 Shocking Stories Of Winter Survival

Winter is now in full force across the Northern Hemisphere. It’s easy to complain about the cold mornings when stepping out to scrape ice off of your car, but it could be a lot worse. Accidents that happen due to snow and ice are treacherous combined with the extremely frigid temperatures. If you ever find yourself in these situations, don’t despair — here are 10 unbelievable stories of survival involving people that had to deal with this adversity, whether being stranded from a car heading into a ditch or avalanches while skiing or climbing mountains.

Fishing Trip Disaster

William Jeracki was fishing in Denver, Colorado, before an accident caused a huge boulder to fall onto his left leg and completely crushed it. Jeracki decided to amputate his very own leg with a pocket knife with bad weather coming. He was able to still drive to the hospital.

Stranded Family

A family of three — a mother, father, and 5-month old son — were stuck in their pickup truck taking a route through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. After four days with no help in sight, the family walked off. The father carried onward for two more days for help.