10 Shocking Historical Photos You Have To See to Believe

When it comes to seeing history up close, there are people who were there and then there are people who were able to capture the history that we often forget happened. These particular photos are ones that give us a look at history we didn’t even know we had missed. Sometimes they are of something good, and sometimes they are of an event we wish had never happened in the first place, like the cover photo that comes with this article. Some of those in this list are going to show us a celeb from history, others will show us a way that history has unfolded. Check out these 10 shocking historical photos you have to see to believe.

Robin Hood and His Merry Men

This photo looks like it might be from the 1700’s or 1800’s. In fact, it was taken in Japan in 1930.

The Famous Spy

This picture is of the rather famous female spy, Mata Hari, was taken in the early 1900’s. The coloring was added long after it was first taken.