10 Shocking Facts You’ll Swear Can’t Be True But Are

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We’ve all been at one party or another where we were told something we just couldn’t believe. Even if the person who was telling us the factoid is someone we know we can trust, there are somethings that just don’t sound believable. Despite how odd some of these facts might sound, the fact of the matter is that there are some things that are truly strange and truly unbelievable that are in fact, incredibly true. Check out our list of 10 shocking facts you’ll swear can’t possibly be true but really are and let us know if you had heard any of these and decided they were nothing more than an urban legend.

These Days We Call That ‘Child Trafficking’

In 1912, a Paris orphanage held a raffle where the top prizes were actually infant children.

Ronald Reagan Was a Life Guard In High School

Apparently the place he worked had some poor swimmers because he reportedly performed 77 rescues during his time there.

Neckties Weren’t Always Business Attire

The first modern necktie was actually worn by armed Croatian mercenaries in the 17th century.

Napoleon Bonaparte Lost A Battle To Rabbits

The story goes that Napoleon was entertaining guests who were there to hunt rabbits. When a bunch of these rabbits were released onto the grounds, instead of running off, they all gathered together and ran towards the hunting party en masse. It turns out the bunnies were farm bunnies and thought Napoleon and his crew were going to feed them lettuce.

Jolly Old Saint Nick Didn’t Live Anywhere Close to the North Pole

Santa, who is supposedly based on Saint Nicholas is said to live in the North Pole. The actual man who was named Saint Nicholas actually lived in the Middle East, in Turkey, where almost no one celebrates Christmas.

Queen Elizabeth Hates Potatos

She hates these vegetables so much, she once issued an edict banning them from ever being present in her court.

Cereal For Cellibacy

When John Kellogg first rolled out his corn flakes, they were of course, part of a nutritious breakfast. They were also reportedly a part of his anti-masturbation crusade. We don’t get it either.

Jimmy Carter Had Radioactive Urine

Not for his entire life, but for six months he had dangerous pee thanks to helping to stop a nuclear meltdown while working on a nuclear submarine in 1952.

Lord Byron Loved Animals

The British poet was a renowned animal fan. Not just normal pets either, he had a bear as a pet in his college dorm room.

Julia Child: War Hero?

The famous chef’s first concoction was not edible but rather was made to keep people from being eaten. During World War II Child came up with a shark repellent for the British navy.