10 Of The Strangest Trees Around The World

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Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of trees? Whether it’s the breeze swooshing through a mighty oak, or a mountain side evergreen, there are many different types of trees that bring beauty to our surroundings. However, some trees might be beautiful, but also venture into the area of peculiar and strange. Whether it’s through man’s creativity and artistry, or the way nature has shaped them, these 10 trees will surprise and delight you with their odd shapes. Enjoy!

El Arbol de la Sabina

Native to El Hierro Island, Spain, the El Arbol de la Sabina, which means “Juniper Tree,” produces a liquid that becomes gin when distilled. And it’s bizarre shape is due to the winds that constantly change it.

Tree of Tule

It supposedly has one of the largest and stoutest trunks in the world. The Tree of Tule lives on the church grounds in Oaxaca, Mexico, and is believed to be around 300 years old.

Sculpture Trees

In the world of arborsculpture, Axel Erlandson is king. His sculpted trees create joy and surprise, as you can see here. And, yes, we are also wondering how on earth he created the heart in the middle on this tree trunk!

The Boab Prison Tree

In Western Australia, you’ll find the 1500 year old boab prison tree, and it didn’t get the name from nowhere. At one time, the tree was used to keep a prisioner overnight when being transported from one location to the next. It’s fenced off, but many visitors can’t help but find their way inside!

Tree of Life

This mysterious tree is the only major tree for miles in its area of Bahrain and it’s believed to be 400 years old. The Tree of Life has one of the deepest roots systems in the world of trees and draws in 50,000 tourists annually.

Boojum Tree

This peculiar tree is native to Baja, California, and resembles a hairy pitchfork. These guys can grow to 50 feet tall, but it takes forever and a day to get there. A boojum tree that reaches 50 feet has likely been growing for more than 500 years.

The Bottle Tree

Native to Namibia, this strange looking, poisonous tree lives among rocky hills. And it also grows thorns that reach 30cm long!

Dragon Tree

This magical tree of intertwined branches is native to the Canary Islands. It’s also the producer of Dragon’s Blood, a medicinal sap that is used for health purposes and as a stain.

Kapok Tree

The magical kapok tree has an odd-shaped trunk and produces a cotton-like fiber that is used to fill mattresses and life jackets. It also grows up to 230 feet tall!

Wawona Tree

No longer in existence, the Wawona tree was a giant sequoia that was estimated to be 2300 years old. A tunnel was carved through it in 1881 and it eventually fell in the 1960’s when the accumulation of snow forced it to fall.