10 Of The Strangest Trees Around The World

Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of trees? Whether it’s the breeze swooshing through a mighty oak, or a mountain side evergreen, there are many different types of trees that bring beauty to our surroundings. However, some trees might be beautiful, but also venture into the area of peculiar and strange. Whether it’s through man’s creativity and artistry, or the way nature has shaped them, these 10 trees will surprise and delight you with their odd shapes. Enjoy!

El Arbol de la Sabina

Native to El Hierro Island, Spain, the El Arbol de la Sabina, which means “Juniper Tree,” produces a liquid that becomes gin when distilled. And it’s bizarre shape is due to the winds that constantly change it.

Tree of Tule

It supposedly has one of the largest and stoutest trunks in the world. The Tree of Tule lives on the church grounds in Oaxaca, Mexico, and is believed to be around 300 years old.