10 Shocking Facts About The Infamous Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping

Charles Lindbergh was a great American hero during a period of time when those kinds of heroes were made not because they were able to get on as many television screens as possible but because they actually accomplished something. Because he was so beloved, the entire country was taken aback when his infant child, Charles Lindbergh Jr, was snatched from his crib in the dead of night. Despite the fact that the famous aviator was willing to do whatever it took to get his son back, the baby was found brutally murdered two months after the kidnapping and a German immigrant named Bruno Hauptmann was eventually caught, tried, convicted and executed for the crime. Despite being one of the most famous crimes in American history, there are likely some things you still don’t know about the case. Check out our list and let us know what you think.

Al Capone Offered His Help

Al Capone might have been an unabashed killer and criminal, but he was also a loyal American. That’s why he offered a reward for anyone who found the child alive. He also said that when he was released from prison he and his men would help on the search.

The Child’s Body Was Found By Lumber Haulers

On May 12, 1932 Orville Wilson and William Allen were hauling timber in their truck when they pulled over in order to take a bathroom break. Allen walked into the woods to relieve himself and saw a half buried body of an infant child. Once police were called, it was quickly determined the body was that of Charles Lindbergh Jr.