10 Shocking Effects You Never Knew Video Games Had On You

For some of us, videos games are a massive part of our lives. They are incredibly fun and the rush it gives you when you’re in the middle of the game feels great. However, it has been said that video games make some people desensitized to certain things, such as death and other similar things. The results from studies varies wildly, as some say gamers have become desensitized, while others say the complete opposite. Read on to find out 10 more things you didn’t know video games were doing to you.

The Bystander Effect

The bystander effect was discovered by psychologists, and means that if there are more people in an area then it is less likely that someone will help a person in need, as most people assume that someone else is going to help.

A study conducted by the University of Innsbruck found that this effect actually happens in video games as well, finding that players are less likely to help non-playable characters. This research showed that even if the presence of another person is imaginary, people are still less likely to help them.

Sibling Relationships

Researchers recently found that siblings who played violent video games together actually had less sibling conflict. By having siblings defend each other against violent rivals, it made their relationship stronger than siblings that don’t play video games.