10 Shocking Anti-Rape Devices That Actually Exist

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Rape is a serious problem all around the world. With thousands of women being raped every day, protection from such events is a must. And while some women start training and join self-defense classes in order to protect themselves better against the physically-stronger gender, others like to take the cautious road of using technology and anti-rape devices. Serving a purpose similar to chastity belts, these devices are not only extremely bizarre, but they are also shockingly dangerous, especially for those who are about to make some undesired advances. Whether you are scared of rape or not, these 10 anti-rape devices are definitely worth checking out simply because they are incredibly bizarre.

The FemDefence Tampon

If you want to defend yourself against rape, you might want to check out FemDefence. Patented by Anita Ingemarsdotter, this weird-looking tampon contains a sharp pin, which can easily penetrate the perpetrator’s private parts. Ouch!

The Anti-Rape Buckle

One of the more reasonable devices on this list, the Anti-Rape buckle is much like a reverse chastity belt that is designed in such a way that it requires two hands to remove. The creators hope that this will deter potential rapist and give time for the female to escape or fight back.

The Hairy Stocking

Do you know what is the best way to deter rapists? According to some, it is by disgusting them. In order to achieve such effect, the girl can put on these amazing stockings who make women’s legs look like they are extremely hairy.

The Snare

A modern day creation from the ingenious mind of Ira Sherman, “The Snare” is part of his impenetrable devices series. The belt-styled device ensnares and then viciously mangles the perpetrator with the help of two sharp prongs. Intense!

The Killer Tampon

An early prototypical anti-rape device, the so-called Killer tampon is an invention made in the 2000 by the 72-year-old Jaap Haumann from South Africa. Featuring a guillotine-like-blade attached to a hollow cylinder, it will slice in half anything that wants to get inside the wearer. A definite anti-rape protection tool that causes a lot of pain!

The Anti-Molestation Jacket

Designed by Indians Nishant Priya and Shahzad Ahmadat of India’s National Institute of Fashion Technology. The clothes designed by them, specifically the anti-molestation jacket series have the power to discharge as much as 110 volts of electricity when it detects unwanted advances. Better not be in a crowded subway when wearing this thing, because you definitely don’t want to electrocute some who simply bumped into you!

The Angel Wing Buzzing Anti-Rape Device

Another device, which is actually quite reasonable is the so-called Angel Wing Buzzing Anti-Rape device. Those who feel like they are in rape danger only have to pull the rod in order for a 90 db alarm sound to be issued.

The Rape-Axe Anti-Rape Condom

A truly torturous device for the perpetrators, the Anti-Rape condom called Rape-Axe is to be worn by women. It features jagged teeth on the inside which will dig into the sensitive area of anyone who wants to get inside the woman wearing this anti-rape device. This is truly bizarre!

The Anti-Rape Bra

Called the Society Harnessing Equipment, this sexy looking lingerie is equipped with a GPS system that has pressure sensors. It will not only deliver electric shock to anyone who wants to forcefully play with the girl wearing it, but also send a signal to the police. Nice one!

The Injector

Looking like a thing out of a bizarre science fiction movie, the so-called Injector created by Ira Sherman is another one of his collection of impenetrable devices. It features two pneumatic syringes which will inject tattoo dye and sedatives to the rapists. This will not only stop him from raping the wearer, but also mark him for life.