10 Shocking And Outrageous Images Found On People’s Phones

Have you ever been going through the pictures on your phone and you saw an image or two that you simply didn’t know was there? Sometimes it’s a situation where you simply don’t remember taking the picture. Sometimes someone else got their greedy little mitts on your phone when you weren’t looking and took the picture themselves. Still, other times they might have taken a picture of one thing and ended up taking a picture of something else entirely when all was said and done. Check out our list of 10 shocking and outrageous images found on people’s phones and let us know what you think. Has this sort of thing ever happened to you? Were one of these images yours? Let us know.

Pull Your Feet Up!

This photo was reportedly found on a phone that was in a waterproof seal after the owner took a swim. We don’t know whether they knew how close they came to being lunch but we like to think they didn’t.

Airline Employees Having Some Fun

An airline passenger forgot their iPad on a plane and got it back a couple of days later. They say this picture was on their device when they got it back.