20 Chilling Photos Of Celebrities Just Before They Died

Life is already short and fragile but, it seems even more delicate when you experience tragedy. It seems even more tragic when we lose one of our adored celebrities. These final photos of celebrities are a haunting reminder of our own fate because shortly after each of they were taken, tragedy struck. These are the very last pictures ever taken of each of the celebrities below. The fact that some were taken moments before they passed away, makes it even more chilling to see them.

John Lennon

This images hows John Lennon, one of the founding members of The Beatles, moments before being shot, by the man on the right-hand side of the photograph.

Chris Benoit

This picture shows the professional wrestler, Chris Benoit, which was taken by his psychologist. This image was taken on the same day Benoit murdered his wife, and a few days before he killed his son and himself.

Tupac Shakur

This is the last known photograph taken of the rap mogul just before being killed in a drive-by shooting.

Adolf Hitler

Two days prior to his death, this photo shows Adolf Hitler standing outside of his Berlin bunker, surveying the damage a bomb had done.