10 Shocking Addictions People Actually Have

We’ve all heard of addictions to drugs and alcohol. We’ve even heard of addictions to sex and gambling but there are other addictions that certain people have that are considered truly strange. Sometimes these addictions include eating specific items. Other times, the addictions are to a certain kind of behavior or wearing a certain kind of clothing. Other times, people are drawn to something in a way that will shock and amaze you. No matter what the odd behavior or obsession, we’re positive you’ve never heard of these addictions before. Check out our list of 10 shocking addictions people actually have and get ready to be quite the story teller at the next party.

Rubber Tires

Rubber tires are not something that is supposed to end up in the human stomach, but they end up there every now and then. Some people claim these tires are a “shock to the taste buds” while others like the texture.

Human Ashes

Eating human ashes certainly isn’t a wide spread addiction but some people do actually become addicted to the cremains. One woman says she carried the urn with her dead husband everywhere she went. One day, the ashes got on her fingers and she licked them clean. Since then, she’s eaten a little part of her husband every day.