10 Terrifying Cases Of Sleep Paralysis

It is estimated that around 40% of the population experiences sleep paralysis, a horrible feeling of waking up in the middle of the REM phase of sleep only to be faced with a dark room and a shadow of a child in the corner of the room. When you try to scream, you can’t because you’re paralyzed, unable to move even an inch. Dealing with the nightmare of sleep paralysis is scary for everyone, and we’ve found the ten of the scariest scenarios people have been faced with in our list below.

Turn Off The Light

Adam, a student who experienced sleep paralysis after falling asleep while reading a book, has been scared to fall asleep ever since. He has experienced waking up while being paralyzed and the room around him was cold, and he had a feeling that someone was watching him even though there was nobody in the room. He couldn’t move and his limbs felt heavy. The bedside lamp switched off and he tried to scream, but couldn’t, as a figure of an old man with no eyes, just dark, empty sockets pouring out blood appeared in front of him. He awoke with a jerk when the man grabbed his legs to realize that the man from his dream was his grandfather.

The Dreamscapes Of Nicolas Bruno

Nicolas Bruno has experienced sleep paralysis since he was a teenager and even started a sleep paralysis journal to document what he saw. In his daily entries he wrote: “Faceless silhouetted figures, embraces from shadow-like hands, warping of reality around me—all while [feeling] completely paralyzed.”