10 Sex Slang Terms You Need To Know In 2016

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The new generation of millennials is known to say the dirtiest things while being absolutely unashamed of it. The new slang terms such as daddy and Netflix and chill became a huge craze last year and there’s new terms that are up and coming and about to do the same in 2016. Check out what everyone will be saying and what you should be in on too. Fair warning – some of these are quite cringe worthy, but at the same time, a bit of laughing never hurt no one.


Postboned is a way to excuse yourself when you’re late to a meeting because of some unexpected sexual acts you’ve just performed. Example: “I’m terribly sorry I got postboned. I’ll be meeting you for drinks in fifteen.”

Side Chick

The terms “the other woman” and “mistress are seriously outdated. The new way to call a woman who’s been having a relationship while that person is already in another relationship is conveniently “side chick”. Example: “Emma is not even dating him, they’re just seeing each other on the side. She’s his side chick.”


A snatchchat is a naked picture a woman or a man sends to the person they are interested in or dating on Snapchat. Example: “Damn I wish you could have seen the snatchchat Lawrence sent me, it was steamy!”


Dopplebanger, much like a doppleganger, is someone who looks like someone you really want to have sexual relations. The thing usually ends with you hooking up with the dopplebanger instead. Example: “I saw Alan having sex with Jessica the other day. He only did it because she is Katherine Heigl’s dopplebanger.”

Truffle Butter

We won’t be posting a quite explicit explanation of the term truffle butter in our article, but if you listen to Nicki Minaj’s song with the same title, you’ll get the gist pretty easily.


Sasscrotch is an unfortunate situation that occurs when someone doesn’t wax or trim their pubic region for a long time and it starts getting out of control. Example: “We never had sex because his sascrotch freaked me out.”

Netflix And Chill

Netflix and chill seems to be the term that will become the new booty call. It represents the situation in which someone texts you and invites you over for Netflix and chill which means you’ll be having sex five minutes into watching a movie. Example: “Hey, wanna come over for some Netflix and chill?”


Intercoarse shouldn’t be mixed with intercourse. Even though they both mean sex, intercoarse is a term used for very rough sex. Example: “Hailey had trouble walking for two days after the crazy intercoarse with her new boyfriend.”


Masturwaiting occurs when you’re in the middle of watching adult videos on your computer and the video stops because it is buffering. Example: “This WiFi is terrible. I hate masturwaiting.”

Hotline Bling

Drake made the term Hotline Bling insanely popular when it appeared as the title of one of his songs. It is just another way to booty call someone. Example: “Harry made my hotline bling, but I wasn’t in the mood.”