10 Selfies That Are Hilarious And Weird

Taking a selfie has become so popular right now that it has actually created a psychological disorder. It was even responsible for more deaths than shark attacks this past year. It is shocking that such a seemingly harmless trend has caused so much controversy in the world. Maybe we are all taking it a bit too seriously. Here is a list of 10 selfies that should remind us how hilarious, bizarre and completely harmless selfies can be at times.

Selfie At The Ball Park

This reporter must have gotten freaked out when she whipped out her phone to take a selfie, and noticed a ball heading straight at her just when she was about to take the picture.


Anyone can take a selfie, and this sloth is doing a better job than most people.

Baby Duck Face

This baby isn’t just rocking a mean selfie but is totally pulling off the duck face as well. A social media star was thus born.

Bad Parent Selfie

This selfie is a great way of showing off your butt along with your poor parenting skills.

Selfie Discovery

This lady put up a seemingly harmless selfie, only to find out because of one of her friends, that the selfie was taking extremely close to some poo in the woods.

Wrong Position Selfie

This lady showed off a whole lot more than her face by taking a selfie at an awkward angle.

Angry Cat Selfie

Taking a selfie with your pet is alright, just make sure that you are not holding them in a way that makes them extremely uncomfortable. This man is cupping his cat at all the wrong places.

A Selfie For The Ages

This is a great example of a selfie gone right. This is exactly what the selfie was made for, not taking a meaningless selfie in the mirror.

Action Selfie

This girl managed to click a hilarious selfie even as she invaded a college football game and was being tackled by the guards. Just look at that smile! She knows it was all worth the effort.

Super Selfie

If Superman loved selfies, we would have a lot more interesting pictures than the ones that are currently flooding the internet.