10 Science Myths That People Still Believe

Even with an infinite amount of knowledge available just a few clicks away, there are still plenty of misconceptions and myths about science that people still believe. In the modern age of the internet you might think it would be easier to refute rumors and find the correct information but social media sites like Facebook and Twitter make it far simpler than it has ever been to quickly spread misinformation and wrong facts. While many of these myths originated years ago as old wives’ tales, they have continued to be just as prevalent today despite being completely false.

Hair And Fingernails Grow After Death

Hair and fingernails do not grow after death even though that they may appear to do so. This is because after someone has died, their skin begins to shrink and pull back, giving the appearance that hair and fingernails have grown. It is not possible for them to grow as they require nutrients to produce keratin, something the body can’t do when it is deceased.

Humans Blow Up If Exposed To Space

Hollywood movies and television shows have led to millions of people believing that if a human was exposed to the vacuum of space, they would expand and blow up. When a real person is in a vacuum they don’t get any bigger and can actually survive for as long as they can hold their breath. It is possible for the lungs to burst if a person has not exhaled quickly enough when exposed, which can cause air to enter the bloodstream. Otherwise, a person in space would simply die a far more understated death from asphyxiation.