10 School Names That Are Hilariously Embarrassing

For a majority of people in the world, going to school must have seemed like a major burden until they graduate. After they graduate, school feels like the most careless and relaxed period of one’s live. A school is like a mini-representation of society, and you are prepared on many levels for the world that awaits you. Most people consider going to a good school as the most important foundation in a person’s life. If you hail from a school with a funny name, chances are you have been ridiculed for a very long time. Here is a list of 10 school names that are absolutely hilarious.

Worthington Hooker School

You can find this school in New Haven, Connecticut. As far as the students are concerned, I bet the school’s biggest problem is keeping them off the street corners.

Weed High School

Weed High School, located in Weed, California, has got to be the coolest school of all-time. Rumor has it that the students hardly have any conflicts, except when it comes to getting some pudding during lunch breaks.