10 Reasons Why Your Grandma Is The Most Important Woman In Your Life

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There’s a reason why grandmas are always looked at by society as being the sweet and kind person that everyone wants to hang with when the chips are down. We want to know they love us unconditionally because we love them as much as humanly possible. That love isn’t just because they’re grandma and it’s ingrained into our DNA. No the reality is there are very specific reasons why grandma is the most important woman in your life.

Grandma Know Style

Grandma knows style. She’s been around the block and seen one style after another come and go. She’s someone who knows how people are dressing these days and she knows what was the coolest way to dress from days gone by. Grandpa might dress like he hasn’t been outside in days, but Grandma knows what she’s doing.

Grandma Always Wants to Talk

Grandma is the person you can go to when something is really bothering you and you need someone to talk the situation through. There are no problems she won’t be willing to listen to you talk about and she’ll offer the best advice she knows how. Or she’ll offer no advice at all if that’s what she thinks you need.

She’s Not Afraid To Shower Us With Love

Not only does grandma have the most love to give, she’s not afraid to show it. There are countless ways grandmas show their love, whether it’s a special present, or big hug whenever we see her, Grandma lets us know we’ve loved.

She’s The Best Cook

Grandmas the world over have become the repository of all food knowledge. They know the recipes from the old world and can recreate them perfectly. When we try and copy those recipes we find we still fall short.

Grandma Will Always Help

Grandma wants to make sure you’re ok and, because of this, she’s always willing to help. She helped you learn to walk and she helped you learn to talk. She helped you with your homework and she helped you practice playing your favorite instrument. She’ll continue to help whenever you need it because she’s your grandma.

Grandma Knows How To Laugh

Grandma has been around long enough that she knows what’s really funny and what isn’t. When she finally does open up that mouth to laugh, she doesn’t giggle, she lets out a guffaw that shakes the windows. That laugh is also contagious and makes you want to laugh right along with her.

She Never Gives Up, Never Surrenders

Grandma knows that there is almost nothing you can’t do as long as you push yourself to the limit and just keep trying.

She’s lived long enough that she also knows the best way to demonstrate this is by doing it herself first and letting you see her succeed. Grandma is never going to surrender to negative thoughts and she’s never going to just give up.

Grandma Doesn’t Care What Others Think

Grandma has been around long enough to realize that it doesn’t really matter if other people don’t approve of what you’re doing. She’s gonna do what she thinks is right and if others don’t approve, they can take a long walk off a short pier. You could learn a thing or two from her philosophy.

Grandma Has Traveled And Will Tell You About It

The best Grandmas have been outside their own neighborhood as well as around the block. Sit down and listen to the stories they have to tell and you’ll find out the best places to go and what to do when you get there.

Grandma Can Cleanup Anything

Grandma’s trip around the block has allowed her to learn more than a few helpful hints for everyday life. Some of the best hints and tricks she knows is the ability to clean anything and everything.