10 Reasons Why Your Grandma Is The Most Important Woman In Your Life

There’s a reason why grandmas are always looked at by society as being the sweet and kind person that everyone wants to hang with when the chips are down. We want to know they love us unconditionally because we love them as much as humanly possible. That love isn’t just because they’re grandma and it’s ingrained into our DNA. No the reality is there are very specific reasons why grandma is the most important woman in your life.

Grandma Know Style

Grandma knows style. She’s been around the block and seen one style after another come and go. She’s someone who knows how people are dressing these days and she knows what was the coolest way to dress from days gone by. Grandpa might dress like he hasn’t been outside in days, but Grandma knows what she’s doing.

Grandma Always Wants to Talk

Grandma is the person you can go to when something is really bothering you and you need someone to talk the situation through. There are no problems she won’t be willing to listen to you talk about and she’ll offer the best advice she knows how. Or she’ll offer no advice at all if that’s what she thinks you need.