10 Planned Movie Twists That Never Made The Big Screen

The Dodgeball Bad Guys Win

In the original ending of Dodgeball, the underdogs win the giant contest and our heroes even get the girls. In the original ending, the filmmakers wanted to put a real twist on the film where the bad guys, led by Ben Stiller’s character, actually win. Test screenings showed this to be unpopular and the film makers went with the usual good guys winning trope.

Ash Oversleeps In Army of Darkness

In the original Army of Darkness, after Ash defeats the deadites, he’s given a potion where one drop allows him to sleep for 100 years and this will allow him to return to his own time.

An alternate cut of the ending showed Ash taking too much of the potion, sleeping for far too long and waking up in a future wasteland where the deadites rule. Filmmakers decided this was a bit too much of a downer for the funny film.