10 Pictures Showing Why Women Live Longer Than Men

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We’ve all heard that women live longer than men, but do we really know why? According to statistics, women, on average, live between 5-10 years longer than their male counterparts, with 85% of all individuals over the age of 100 being women. Maybe this has to do with women driving men to the brink of destruction, maybe it’s because of biology. There are countless reasons as to why women live longer than men, and we think we’ve found one of them — the sheer stupidity and recklessness of men. We’ve gathered ten pictures that show just that, and by the end of it you’ll be convinced that these guys have a death wish of some sort.


This is something you’d never see a woman do, and we’re sure this guy got quite a few stings.


We’re guessing this guy is trying to fix his car, maybe getting a look under it to see what the problem is, but it’s not really safe, is it?

Body Armor

Maybe this kid wanted to live longer than women by making his own body armor?

Safety Second

Sure, because fixing something electrical when you’re standing on a metal object while surrounded by water is incredibly safe.

No Jack? No Problem!

Hasn’t this guy heard of a car jack before?

Sticks And Stones

We really don’t think that flimsy peace of wood is going to hold that boulder up for long…


Maybe the reason this guy isn’t going to live as long as the woman is because she’s holding the planks?

Fork Lift The Fork Lift

What do you do when you don’t have a fork lift big enough? That’s right, you use a fork lift to lift the object while using another fork lift to lift that fork lift.


How is this guy going to get down from there safely?

Hanging On

Unless this is some form of perspective trickery, that guy’s gonna have a pretty short life…