10 Photos Of Cats Sleeping In Hilarious Positions

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Cats have a life that most people can only dream of. On average, they sleep between 12 and 16 hours each day, and they rarely dose into a deep sleep as its their natural instinct to be alert at all times. It can get a little boring just laying on the couch for that long, so cats sometimes like to get a little adventurous to find their place of rest — and that’s to our amusement. Here are some of the most hilarious places that we’ve found cats sleeping, and if you’ve got a cat, let us know the strangest way they’ve slept!

Moon Shape

It’s not unusual to see cats try and curl up when sleeping, but generally they do it the exact opposite way of this. Perhaps this guy saw the moon and wanted to recreate it.

On Their Back

Somebody must have had too much to drink. Similar to finding a drunk human wrapped up in a blanket on the floor, here’s a kitty that’s imitating the act.

In The Blinds

Cats love hanging around on ledges, and this guy wasn’t going to let a set of blinds stop him from taking a gander at the outside world. Keep those windows open, Mom!

Inside Boots

Another item cats find as comfortable as humans is anything fluffy. Admit it — if you were able to fit in that comfortable boot of yours, you’d plow right into one too.

On Computers

Sure, kittens will sleep on top of a computer tower and perhaps on top of an old CRT monitor. But both? This poor kitty must have had to wake up to aches and pains.

Inside Grills

One of the more daring cats on the list apparently loves to hang out on the grates of a barbecue. Not only is that pretty disgusting to be laying on top of old meat, but it also could make them the next meal.

Temporary Bed

Another adventurous outside wanderer found their way into what looks to be either a house gutter or the railing of a deck. Either way, they made it into a perfect bed.

On Stacks Of Magazines

We all know that person who got drunk and decided to sleep awkwardly on a chair. Instead of laying in it, they tend to put their upper body on the seat and the rest of their body hangs off. That must have inspired this kitten to do the same on a stack of magazines.

Inside Sandals

Cats don’t mind trying to fit into things that they may not be able to get out of. We don’t really know how this guy managed to get himself in this situation, but it certainly seems like he’s enjoying himself.

In Sinks

Perhaps the cutest thing kittens do is try to make themselves proportional to the object they’re trying to fit in. Nothing is more entertaining than seeing their fluffy friend try to fit into a small box or a bathroom sink.