10 People Who Wished Their Tattoo Artist Used Spellcheck

If you are afraid of commitment, tattoos might not be a good choice for you. While you could pay a lot of money to have regrettable tattoos lasered off, you still risk permanent scarring and discoloration – not to mention the pain of having it removed. That’s why you had better be darn sure the tattoos you get are not only tattoos you will always like, but that they’re spelled correctly if you get word tattoos. If you are getting words tattooed on your body, triple check with the tattoo artist they know how to spell these words correctly and save yourself a lot of embarrassment. Here are ten people who learned that lesson the hard way.

“My Mom is My Angle”

Angels, angles… classic mistake! Maybe her mother is really into angles and it wasn’t a mistake after all?

“To Live Doesn’t Mean Your Alive”

A lot of people get “your” and “you’re” mixed up, but if there was ever a time to make sure someone knows the difference, it’s when they’re tattooing it on your body.