10 Hilarious Spelling Mistakes That Changed The Message Entirely

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While we all hate those people who come along, look at our hard work when we’ve made a sign or label and tell us that we got something wrong, there are times when we need these people to help us. Without them, it’s entirely possible we will run into a situation where we end up putting up a sign that meant one thing and then ended up meaning something entirely different. If you’ve ever felt like these people weren’t really doing you a service, check out our list of 10 hilarious spelling mistakes that changed the message entirely. Then tell us what you would do if you accidentally hung one of these signs.

Keep Them Away From A Thesaurus Rex on the Hunt

The real question here, is whether the person who posted this picture ever realized how badly they missed on the spelling of this tasty treat.

Seems Like His Dad Might Not Like That

This is the kind of church we might like to go to. On the other hand, it might be the kind of church that makes us really uncomfortable in a very short period of time.

No, We Don’t Think We Will

McDonald’s is known for trying new things every now and then. It appears their experimentation took them to a dark place this time around.

We Don’t Want To Know How This Is Done

We’ve heard of transparency, but we don’t really care about attendance when it comes to this kind of roll call.

​We Came For The Diverr Tolools, We Stayed For the Coll Coller

Albert might need to, proofread, or learn to spell, or just give up posting signs. Unless these are all things we’ve just never heard of.

It’s Not Really Learning Then

Also, if the sign was going to go this route, we think it should have been phrased as Learnin’ so as to complete the redneck appeal.

Someone Needs Their … Pencil Washed Out With Soap

We can only imagine the reaction of the teacher while they sat there and read this poor student’s work. Kids write the darnedest things.

Who Wouldn’t?

We will always, always give away our right of way when we spot an exciting vehicle. Exiting vehicles are just going to have to wait like everyone else though.

We Can … We Shouldn’t

There are plenty of people who probably actually do the very action this young lady is encouraging. That doesn’t mean they should.

The Sign Doesn’t Actually Say Hug the Door

Technically, the guy is showing the door more love than is called for. It’s possible, however, he just wants to stay close with the door on an emotional level.