10 People Who Shockingly Fell Asleep At The Worst Time

The Airline Passenger

If you don’t want anything posted on YouTube of you sleeping, try your best not to fall asleep in public. This poor man fell asleep whilst on a plane with his finger on the “/” key, the guy sitting next to him decided it would be a good idea to video it and upload it onto YouTube, titled “Dude sleeping on jet w/ finger on slash key”.

The Burglar

We thought that when you were committing a crime you had to get out of there as quick as possible and not get some shut eye, maybe this guy thought differently. In May 2015, a man broke into a woman’s house and fell asleep on her couch. When she woke, she asked him what he was doing there, he then apologized and left after she told him she was calling the police. Only after the man had left had she realized that he had actually taken her wallet.