10 Out Of Order Signs With A Sense Of Humor

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Let’s face it, things around us breakdown a lot. The service industry is making billions thanks to faulty phones, laptops, gadgets, cars, machinery and pretty much everything else. We are nearly tuned to expecting things to breakdown around us all the time. How many times have we seen the out of order sign in our life? More times than we can count I’m sure. It would at least be great if these signs had a bit of thought put into them so that they can distract us from the reality of life. Here is a list of 10 out of order signs with a sense of humor.

Out Of Control

This freezer isn’t out of order, its out of control. Only a maverick will be able to stop it now.


This sign pretty much sums up all the out of order signs in the world in just one word – Nope.

Stool Instructions

This sign is awfully clear about what it expects from someone willing to use a broken stall. Either its loose or your goose.

Not Out Of Order

I think the point this sign is trying to make is that something isn’t really broken if you can pretty much serve your purpose with a little bit of effort.

Honest Workers

How many times have you been lied to by repairmen in your life? At lease this repair company had the decency to admit they have no idea what they are doing.

Out Of Fonts

Whenever you put up an out of order sign, you leave it susceptible to vandalism. This particular wise guy decided to nit pick on the fine details of this sign.


Don’t you hate it when machines sometimes become quarter guzzlers. Nomnomnom is right sir!

Nothing In Return

First of all the base note was extremely detailed in wording out the problem with the message. Someone just decided to drop a truth bomb in the end.

Never Been In Order

It can’t be out of order if it was never in order to begin with right?

Long Copy

This note takes the time out to address all possible concerns or questions you may have regarding the copier. They were extremely thorough in their approach.