10 Optical Illusions That Will Bend Your Brain

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Don’t you just love things that make your brain bend? Stuff that makes you ponder, do a double-take and scratch your head? Optical illusions will do just that every time and they always entertain no matter how old you are. From furniture and wall art to paintings and photography, these images will definitely catch your attention. Some will totally shock you, but before you think we posted something inappropriate, look again. Enjoy these 10 optical illusions that we guarantee will make you look at least twice!

Same Face?

On first glace you’ll probably think this picture has two different people: one person looking up, the other down. But they are in fact the same face! One is just upside down. Go ahead… pick up your laptop and see for yourself! We did.

Dizzy Yet?

Well at first glance it’s just a black and white spiral, but if you gently stare at it you’ll see it start to move. Almost like an iris, this still image seems to expand and contract! How does it do that!?

Remember When We Were Young?

Here’s a very sweet picture of two elderly people looking into each others’ eyes. Well, at first anyway. On second glance you’ll find something else — another version of each perhaps, inside their own heads. Maybe they’re remembering the good ole’ days.

Put Your Clothes On!

Were you just wondering why someone would go to a party without their clothes? We were too! Right up until we looked again and saw that this lady is actually probably fully clothed, but unfortunately caught at just the right (or wrong!) angle.

It’s a Ship, Right?

This painting will make you look again and again. It’s a ship and a bridge. Or is it? When do the clouds stop and the ships start? Good luck with that one!

Don’t Take These Stairs

You may need to close your eyes after this one! It’s dizzying to follow all of these stairs and if you can figure out where they actually lead, you should pat yourself on the back! Well done.

A Gator You Can Pet

Well here’s an alligator you don’t need to run from. Although this guy looks like he could take off your head, he’s actually harmless. This gator is painted on the wall!

A Hidden Gem?

At first glance it looks like someone discovered a hidden gem during demolition. But no, it’s not an ancient structure underneath. This is simply a mural. A really good mural!

Lost Your Head?

It looks like a head is being squished between two headless women. Or that the woman on the left has a really long neck! But this head actually belongs to the lady on the right who is scrunching up her shoulders while hugging her friend. Whew, relieved huh?

Who’s On The Bridge?

At first glace it appears that two guys are on a bridge. Look closer. Yes, just a guy in a bridge. Now find the other one. Wait! How is that possible?