10 Of The Weirdest Superstitions Around

Superstitions, as defined by the official dictionary, are nothing more than irrational beliefs that come from people being too ignorant or fearful of something they don’t fully understand. There are some forms of superstitions that come from daily life, and most of them have no known origins. Some come from old stories and wive’s tales, though. Some people are completely controlled by their own fears and superstitions, while others can simply ignore it. Here are ten of the weirdest superstitions ever.


Apparently, having a bird fly into your home is one of the worst things possible. This little flying creature will mean that death is coming to you or someone inside of the house. It is unclear how to prevent the death, though.

Bread Loaves

A single loaf of bread should never ever be turned upside down upon slicing out a single piece of the bread. It is unclear what this may do, but it probably means bad luck for whoever flips the bread upside down.