10 Of The Strangest Websites Ever Created

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The internet has transformed into a separate entity and many scientists believe that it is becoming a pseudo brain of our planet. There is so much information available online, that even a million lifetimes are not enough to keep up with current flow of data. We are creating more visuals every two days online that the total visuals to have ever existed until 2005. The staggering growth of the internet cannot be all good for obvious reasons. The open platform allows people to experiment with weird ideas in their own ways, and this is available for every one to witness. There are so many strange and bizarre websites currently online, that just browsing through the weird list can be highly time consuming. This list therefore narrows things down to ten of the strangest websites online, just to save you some time.

World’s Birth And Death

This is a site that only the most bored people in the world would visit. Imagine looking at your screen flicker in a way to let you know whenever someone is born and whenever some passes away. This is exactly what the website ‘world births and deaths’ offers.

Plane Crash Info

There are so many accidents related to airplanes, that there was bound to be a website that archives these events. ‘Planecrashinfo’ is a super-detailed website that has all details related to civil and military plane crashes right from 1920. Someone went through a lot of trouble just to let us know about something we don’t want to know anything about – death.

Evacuation Of Earth

‘Angels heaven’ is a conspiracy-based website that claims that our planet is soon going to be destroyed by a natural catastrophe, which is why the website has taken it upon itself to save all of us. The level of detail in this website is truly shocking though, and it involves some crazy sections such as the control programs of the forces of darkness, the degree of controlling people by the forces of darkness and the state of humanity on planet earth.

Creepy Stories

Want to be the guy in your group who freaks everyone out? Just get onto this website called ‘creepy pasta’ and you can come across a wide range of stories that are designed to haunt and scare even the strongest of minds.

Last Words

Ever wanted to known what prisoners say just before they are executed? The Texas department of criminal justice actually has a page called executed offenders which features a list of 529 executions and the corresponding last words of these prisoners. Just don’t expect to find some poetry in here.

Enter The Matrix

Have you ever felt like everything around you, including yourself, isn’t real? A website called ‘simulation argument’ actually makes a strong case in order to make you realize that you are only a part of a simulation. This website is actually based on a scientific paper published in 2003 that argues that we are all living inside a giant simulation created by our future selves using super-speed computers.

Human Skin Products

‘Human Leather’ is an online company that actually sells products made out of human skin. They claim that human skin makes the finest leather and they apparently use a tanning process that completely utilizes human skin for aesthetic purposes. Don’t worry, they don’t ‘off’ people in order to acquire their raw ingredients, they just make sure some people sign over their skin to them before the pass away. This is still very creepy though!

Skyway Bridge To Heaven

Want to know something truly bizarre? Like the count of the number of people to commit suicide by jumping of the Skyway bridge in Florida? The website called ‘skywaybridge’ actually gives you access to this stunning piece of information.

Devil Worship

Want to chat with the lord of darkness? There are plenty of websites such as ‘Angelfire’ that offer you ways to communicate with Satan. If you are having a boring Saturday night, what better way to spice things up than to chill with the prince of evil.

Day Of Death

Everyone wants to know when they will die right? Right? Well apparently this website called ‘death date’ lets you know the answer to this seemingly unanswerable question. They take in important information such as birth date, name, sex and age in order to compute your answer for you. I would personally never give my information to a website called ‘death date’.