10 Of The Strangest Sexual Facts From Around The World

Anybody spending time on the internet knows how weird the world of sex can truly be. People, for some reason or another, enjoy mixing different aspects of their lives with their sex lives, which turns out quite odd. When you take your clothes off, a lot of weird things are done. Humanity has always had a history of performing bizarre sexual acts on each other, and we’re only now entering the days when those acts can be reported upon and shared with the rest of the world. Here are ten of the strangest sexual facts from around the world.

Nazi Sex Dolls

Sometime during World War 2, Hitler decided to try and remove infections such as syphilis, which was a major problem during the war, from his Wehrmacht soldiers. He designed Nazi blow-up dolls, which featured a nice bob haircut.

Impotence Trials

Catholics are quite serious when it comes to saving yourself for marriage. Toward the end of the Middle Ages, courts would hold impotence trials to ensure the man was being faithful. The test required him to remain erect in front of the clergy and physicians. He was then forced to ejaculate before them.

Government-Funded Prostitute Visits

Amsterdam’s Red Light District has long been known as a place for soliciting prostitution from international tourists. To offer physically disabled individuals the chance to enjoy a prostitute themselves, the government of Holland offered to pay for them to spend time with a prostitute.

Thunderbolt Of Flaming Wisdom

Buddhists monks have always lived very faithful lives, shunning away any indulgences most people take for granted. 500 years ago, however, Drupkka Kunley enjoyed more sex than most people today. He preached enlightenment through sex. He claimed to strike down demonesses with his penis, which became known as the “Thunderbolt Of Flaming Wisdom.”

Romantic Sleepovers

Throughout the West, most teenage boys are terrified of meeting a girl’s father, so they tend to sneak around as often as possible. These “romantic sleepovers” happened quite often. Unfortunately, this practice also led to an extremely high teen pregnancy rate. 30 cases in 1,000!


Homophobia and same-sex marriage has long been a debated topic around the world. 15 countries have legalized it, however, in the Caribbean country of Jamaica, however, homosexuals look for survival, not happiness. There are no government-implemented laws against hate crimes, so they are killed mercilessly.

Sex Drive-Ins

The concept of driving through a drive-in and ordering a prostitute is rather odd to most. Born in the Netherlands, these businesses have spread throughout Europe, including Germany and Switzerland. The facility features rows of garages where a paying customer can park their car and go for a ride.

Lights Out

In Texas, the “Lights Out” program was implemented, which was aiming to keep sexual offenders under control. All sex offenders were forced to refrain from putting up Halloween decorations, which would prevent children from visiting the house.

Magdalene Asylums

The most well known Magdalene Asylums were constructed throughout Ireland. Women were held there as slaves, and would act as asexual religious symbols. They shaved their heads and bound their breasts to avoid any type of attraction towards them.

Porn And Sex Toys

India, being the birthplace of the Kama Sutra, should be quite open to sex, but that is not the case. Instead, they consider pornographic material and sex toys to be completely “obscene” and taboo. It is a crime that can land you years in prison.