10 Of The Strangest Pages On Wikipedia

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When looking for something online, chances are you’ll end up opening Wikipedia page in order to gather some data or check your facts. Nowadays, there seems to be a Wikipedia page created for every single thing and some of them are borderline ridiculous. Wikipedia has provided the Internet with a platform to share information but somehow you may agree with us that the information the following ten pages provide is not so worth sharing. We’ve searched Wikipedia top to bottom to find the top ten weirdest entries possible, and some of them are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Phantom Rings

Ever heard of phantom rings? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Apparently phantom rings are just that – phantom. Phantom rings are the sensation and false belief that one can hear their mobile phone ringing, or feel it vibrating, when in fact the telephone is not doing so. Because of that, a new term has been created – ringxiety, a fear of missing a ring of your phone when using a loud device, such as a hair dryer. How many times have you muted your TV just to check if your phone is ringing? Seems like we’ve all been the victims of phantom rings.

South Korea’s Love Land

South Korea is the home country of some weird things, and Love Land is definitely one of them. Love Land is essentially a sex park that features 140 sculptures representing humans in various sexual positions. It also homes a stone labia and hands-on exhibits such as a “masturbation-cycle.”


Wikipedia defines Witzelsucht as a set of rare neurological symptoms characterized by a tendency to make puns or tell inappropriate jokes and long stories that lead to nowhere in the worst possible social situations. The word is generated from the German witzeln which translates to meaning to joke.

Small Penis Rule

Yes, the small penis rule exists. And it is a term used in law practice. The small penis rule is a literary technique that is used to evade libel lawsuits. In writing fictional works, the way an author can protect themselves when mirroring a real life personality is to give the character a small penis. The theory behind it is very simple, there isn’t a person who will step up and admit “That character with a very small penis, that’s me.” Pretty smart tactic, if you ask us.

Socialist Hair

Just like many other weird stories, this one comes from North Korea. Ten years ago, the North Korean government released a set of grooming and dress standards for the people. Part of the instructions dealt with trimming men’s hair in accordance with the Socialist lifestyle. The public was made aware of it when the government aired a television documentary that declared how hair length can affect human intelligence. It says that long hair can deprive the human body of nutrients needed to grow properly. In order to fight it, you must make sure that all hair is kept between 1 cm and 5 cm in length at all times and men are required to get haircuts every 15 days.

Post Ejaculatory Guilt Syndrome

Post Ejaculatory Guilt Syndrome (PEGS) is a apparently a pretty common thing that’s experienced after having sexual intercourse and can last up to five minutes after the male orgasm. The symptoms include the man becoming physically and mentally disinterested in his partner. PEGS is a actually something of a joke and not recognized as a real syndrome.

Contaminated Currency

Amongst the sea of information that is Wikipedia, you may also find a page about just how much contaminated the money we’re dealing with on a daily basis is. Most currency contains trace amounts of cocaine and other drugs. Money is one of the world’s most contaminated substances as people use bills to snort the drugs, mostly cocaine and heroin.

Emu War

You’ve heard about WWII, but have you heard of the emu war? Australia was faced with a drought in 1930’s which led the emu population to travel to the opposite part of the country in search of water. What happened is that the birds also started eating crops and causing other problems for the local farming community. And so the emu war began with the Australian military killing only a few of the 20,000 emus while managing to fire off approximately 15,000 rounds of ammunition. Pretty impressive aiming.

To Sit or Squat

Yes, the Wikipedia has the answer to this question as well. As stated on the almighty site, the squatting posture is used for Japanese toilets and in squat toilets while the sitting position prevails in Western culture with a lean-forward position or a 90-degrees posture. Apparently, it is healthier to use the squatting technique as sitting can cause too much internal pressure. However, the sitting method helps protect privacy and leaves almost zero chance of getting fecal matter on your clothes or ankles.


A mondegreen is the common situation of mishearing of a phrase or song lyric in a way that gives the words a new meaning. One of the most popular examples is a song Blinded by the Light by the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. The line “revved up like a deuce” is frequently misheard as “wrapped up like a douche”. Another classic example is the Beatles song I Wanna Hold Your Hand. People have confused the line “I can’t hide, I can’t hide, I can’t hide” with “I get high, I get high, I get high”.