10 Of The Strangest Medical Treatments Our Ancestors Used

At one point or another, almost every single one of us has required medical expertise and care in order to heal a broken bone, a sickness, or any other ailment we’re currently experience. For the most part, at least within today’s society, we tend to get help from highly trained experts who spent years in medical school for this specific purpose. However, way back when, the strangest medical treatments were used to heal all types of problems. Who knows if they even really helped at all, but they were still popular.

Moldy Bread

When suffering from a cut in ancient Egypt, the local doctors would use moldy bread on the wound in order to disinfect the area. They believed this would prevent any bacteria from growing worse within the cut.

Crystal Meth

Hitler was particularly fond of Crystal Meth, as he used it for all of his ailments, along with over twenty other drugs. His doctor injected the hardcore narcotics into his butt to keep him “fresh, alert, and active” during his reign.