10 Of The Strangest Facts About The Human Body

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The human body is one of the most fascinating forms of life on the Earth and scientists continue to study and learn new things about the evolved species. There are 37 trillion cells in our body, and most of them are actually made up of bacteria and methanogens. Our bodies are approximately 60 percent of water, which is why it’s so important to drink water every day. There’s always no way we can structure our own body to be exactly the way we want. Creating a specific diet and exercise does help over time, but sometimes it’s hard to get past genetics and the eventual problems that can arise in the future. Here are some other interesting facts about the human body you probably didn’t know about.

Easier To Smile

More muscles are required to create a sad face than to smile. That’s because everybody’s mouths are already formed slightly curved upward.

Sex Instead Of Ibuprofen

Because bodies will start to focus on intercourse, any pain that people feel in joints or when they have a headache will go away if they have sex. Chemicals released during the act also help alleviate any pain you have!

Farting Machines

Humans are pretty disgusting creatures. One of the many reasons why is due to passing gas constantly throughout the day, and it usually happens between 12-18 times every 24 hours.

Sneezes Are Very Fast

Air and particles in peoples’ noses can rush out at up to 100 miles per hour when they sneeze.

Smart People Dream More

Those that have a higher IQ generally dream more, and often brainwaves will increase and people can even be smarter while dreaming.

Pinky Toe Is Pointless

There aren’t really any reasons for the pinky toe. It doesn’t help with balance, it’s usually stuffed in socks and shoes, and it just acts as an extra member of our body.

Water Is Very Important

If there’s any rule people should follow every day, it’s drinking a half gallon of water every day. Human brains are made up of 80 percent water, and the body can cleanse itself of problems with it. Also, it can prevent people eating a lot before a meal and can help with weight loss.

Shrink Every Day

Everybody loses about a centimeter of their height every day. Cartilage of our bones compress throughout the day and are at its peak every morning.

Erections At Night

There’s a reason why most men will wake up with a boner. That morning wood is triggered by multiple erections that take place every 30 to 60 minutes during a sleep cycle.

Nose Remembers Many Scents

Everybody’s nose triggers the brain when a new smell wafts into the area. We all can remember 50,000 different scents, and women generally have a better sense of smell than their male counterparts.