10 Of The Sexiest Actresses Who Have Starred In Sci-Fi Films

When people go to watch science fiction movies, they want to be able to watch a kind of future, or a kind of story line that we haven’t seen before and likely won’t see for some time. Despite that, there are often other draws in these kinds of movies, especailly when you’re talking about some very attractive ladies taking a starring role. Below you will find the sexiest actresses around that have made a starring turn in more than one science fiction film.

Jennifer Lawrence

There are plenty of more down to earth roles Jennifer Lawrence has taken on, but she’s also taken a starring role in a number of different Science Fiction movies. She’s the lead character in the Hunger Games movies and she’s a major player in the X-Men reboot films.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is often considered a “serious actress” because of her talent and good looks. Despite this, she has appeared in plenty of the most well known science fiction movies in the world. She starred in all three of the latest Star Wars movies, V for Vendetta, all of the Thor movies, and even Mars Attacks.