10 Of The Strangest Careers In All Of History

A long, long time ago, before the modern technology and robotics industry that we have today, there were people performing some truly strange careers in an attempt to just get some work done and make a paycheck for their family to survive. Today, most jobs require very little actual labor, all thanks to electricity and machinery. However, there are still some weird roles out there requiring some hands-on methods to take place. Here are ten of the strangest careers in history.

Court Jester

At one point in time, a court jester was a highly prized role amongst the castle workers. Sadly, after the first jester lost his head for performing terribly in front of a king, no one wants the job any longer. It comes with fear and pride, though.


Toshers are people who scavenge through the human waste buried deep in the sewers, especially during the Victorian Era in London. They would whip off a manhole cover and hop down to locate anything of value.