10 Horror Tales That Intersected With Life

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It is hard to pass up a good horror movie these days, though they sometimes feel too far apart from each other. A nice slasher flick from the early days is always a good option. The best part of those types of films, however, is the fact that many of them were based on real incidences or real experiences that the directors had while living their daily lives, especially as children. Some horror stories can actually come true, which makes them all the more terrifying to the viewer. Sometimes people watch too many horror movies and try to recreate the possibilities. Here are ten horror tales that intersected with real life at one point or another.

The Strangers

Upon release, the horror movie The Strangers struck a chord with many people due to the fact that it was based on a true story. According to the director, when he was a kid, someone knocked on their front door while he was home with only his sister. The man had, apparently, been looking for vacant homes to burglarize.

Friday The 13th

The original Friday The 13th did not feature the same iconic killer we have all come to know and adore. Some people began taking trips to where the film was shot, which was the home of the Boy Scouts camp of the area. They had to deal with unknown individuals breaking into their camp on a regular basis at Camp Crystal Lake.


Slenderman was a boogeyman created by the YouTube world, and it actually became quite popular, spawning video games, books, comics, and even a few movies. Unfortunately, two 12-year-old girls decided to appease the mythical being by stabbing their friend to death in a sacrificial manner.

The Wicker Man

The Wicker Man is known as a remake starring Nicolas Cage, but the original tale was a bit more haunting. According to 10th-century documents, people sacrificed each other by placing them inside of wicker statues and lighting them on fire.


Vampire movies are immensely popular, and many different variations have been captured over the years in horror tales. There are real people out there who believe they are truly vampires and have the need to “feed” on human blood. These are everyday people walking around in the shopping mall.


Werewolves have always been one of the most interesting horror movie villains. Recently, though, one man truly believed he was a werewolf sent by God to destroy the vampires living on this planet. He shot an unarmed, innocent woman who came to his door one day.

The Blair Witch Project

Blaine Norris, a man who loved horror movies and The Blair Witch Project, spent a lot of money to create his independent dream many years ago. He worked with Brian Trimble, a friend of his who was contemplating divorce at the time due to arguments with his wife. His wife turned up brutally murdered not long after in her home. It was later learned that Trimble had hired Norris to carry out the kill, of which was supposed to be part of his movie.

The Omen

Believe it or not, The Omen is loosely based on myths from within the Bible. In the story, Damien is born into this world as the Antichrist with demonic powers. In Chile, a religious sect leader considered himself a god, and he slept with women within the cult. One was pregnant, and then he claimed it was the Antichrist born into this world, so they burned the baby in a “purifying” ritual.

The Shining

Everyone knows the one scene from The Shininy when Jack slashes through the door with an axe and terrifies those within. In 2015, a couple in Idaho found themselves in the same situation. Someone was trying to kick the door inwards, despite their warnings of being armed. They shot him in self-defense, and he was later sentenced for attempted murder.

Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust is one of the most depraved pieces of film ever created by man. Brutal murder, rape, torture, cannibalism, and almost everything else occurs within the movie. The directors did such a good job that they were arrested and charged with murder, as the actors had all disappeared in order to make it more shocking. They came forward to clear everyone’s name, however.