10 Of The Strangest And Funniest Car Crashes

Ever since the invention of automobiles, the infrastructure of cities has changed accordingly to accommodate the various differences in our everyday routines. However, due to a number of reasons, including alcohol, drugs or simply lack of attention, people have managed to put a bad name on the driving experience via car crashes. While in most cases such accidents are vicious and deadly, other times they are quite weird and ridiculous to a point of being completely hilarious. The following 10 accidents are to serve as a reminder that sometimes stupidity that comes in the form of car crashes is quite funny.

The Licensing Office Crash

Back in 2010, a man was going to the licensing office to get his driving license renewed, but due to his inability to drive well, he crashed into the office. He did so as his foot slipped onto the gas pedal when he was pulling into a parking spot.

The 2 Year-Old Driver

A 2 year-old child decided to have some fun in June 2013 in Grayson, GA, by driving his father’s truck. As expected, this resulted in a car crash with the truck going right into the house, and thankfully he wasn’t hurt.