10 Extremely Specific Dating Websites That Actually Exist

Single? You may be eating dinners alone, but you’re not the only one — according to statistics, 96 million people Americans above 18 years of age are still single, and 61% of them have not yet been married. If you’re feeling lonely and want to spend holidays with a special someone, nowadays there are tons of ways to find love, and one of the most modern ways is online dating. People nowadays have little time for themselves because they spend longer hours at work, networking is getting harder and meeting someone by chance doesn’t work out anymore.

All sorts of dating websites are available for all kinds of niche and specifications. There is something (or someone) out there for everyone — check out these 10 oddly specific dating web sites.

Millionaire’s Club

Millionaire’s Club is the place for singles to find love and romance with a millionaire. Who doesn’t want that — finding true love and money? The web site a supposed 2,000,000 members and promises a 99% success rate. Maybe there’s a millionaire match out there for you.

Dating For Foodies

SamePlate is a dating site specifically for foodies. ‘Share a meal, no big deal!’ is the site’s clear motto, where individuals can meet fellow foodies to go on a date and probably share their interest for food, love and all things else.