10 Of The Scariest Photobombs You’ll Ever See

We’ve all jumped into a photo at the last possible moment, or had one of our friends ruin a great picture with some crazy face in the background. But you’ve probably never looked back on old pictures and been terrified of what could have happened just a few seconds after the photo was taken. Maybe there was some creepy guy just a few feet away or maybe some have caught photographic evidence of ghosts. Whatever the case may be, here are ten of the most horrifying and bizarre photobombs on the Internet.

Car Selfie

You’re looking great, about to go meet up with a few friends, so you grab a quick photo to post on Facebook. Only to realize the creep face staring at the camera through the headrest?! Let’s hope this was just a friend being weird and not some ax murderer.


…with the children of the underworld?! A couple of best friends are just happy to meet up after a while apart. Little do the know about the skeletal looking spectre in the background that looks like it’s about ready to devour some unsuspecting souls. Run while you can!