10 Of The Scariest Photobombs You’ll Ever See

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We’ve all jumped into a photo at the last possible moment, or had one of our friends ruin a great picture with some crazy face in the background. But you’ve probably never looked back on old pictures and been terrified of what could have happened just a few seconds after the photo was taken. Maybe there was some creepy guy just a few feet away or maybe some have caught photographic evidence of ghosts. Whatever the case may be, here are ten of the most horrifying and bizarre photobombs on the Internet.

Car Selfie

You’re looking great, about to go meet up with a few friends, so you grab a quick photo to post on Facebook. Only to realize the creep face staring at the camera through the headrest?! Let’s hope this was just a friend being weird and not some ax murderer.


…with the children of the underworld?! A couple of best friends are just happy to meet up after a while apart. Little do the know about the skeletal looking spectre in the background that looks like it’s about ready to devour some unsuspecting souls. Run while you can!

Animal Kingdom

Who would not want to make friends with a different species? Animal lovers everywhere have great fun snapping a quick photo with their new buddies at the zoo or aquarium. This hippo, though, does not look quite so friendly. He looks like he has found his new favorite afternoon snack… human flesh.

Homecoming Nightmare

While the girl staring through the window is clearly still a living human, one has to wonder what in the world she was doing meandering around the neighborhood, peering into other people’s houses. It seems as though we are looking at a “Popular Girl versus School Weirdo” kind of situation. We wonder what happened next.

That Guy

No one should ever want to be that guy. The guy who has such an obsessive crush on the pretty sorority girls that he just has to sneak up behind them through a window for the sake of proximity. The hand on the glass and the crazy eyes on this one make you wonder exactly how long he’s been waiting for his creeper moment.

Save The Children!

Why is this woman too busy taking a photo when she needs to be saving the toddler from the darkness?! What is more than likely just a weird trick of light or some very clever photoshopping, actually looks like a dementor in this horrifying picture. Save your kid, lady!

Clowning Around

I hope the clown in the car was not on his way to a kid’s birthday party. Any child would have nightmares for years about that guy. Although it would not be any better if that’s just how he dressed when driving around the neighborhood with no place to go… Either way, this ought to make anyone fear clowns forever.

Just Passing Through…

The discovery of an old family photograph brought into question the identity of the dark suited man lurking behind the three small children. Clearly not a man related to these oblivious kiddos and far too intent on staring into the camera, the mystery remains… was he really there when the photo was taken?

Cruise Control

Hop on a cruise ship to venture to exciting and exotic places… only to get a hug from a sting ray?! While the stingray was probably just hoping to make a new friend, the looks on the faces of these women suggest that they were none too happy about a snuggle in the ocean from a strange creature.

Demon Child

Just chilling at a concert outside, enjoying the warmth of the summer and grabbing pictures of friends. No big deal, right? Until you notice the kid in the camping chair who looks like he wants to jump into your soul and devour your humanity. Why did nobody notice the petrifying expression on this child?!