10 Of The Most Unusual Supermodels In The World

Daphne Selfe

It’s said that a model’s career often ends after her youthful looks fade. At age 40, many supermodels retire by then.

Such was not the case for Daphne Selfe, who challenged the public’s idea on age and beauty. Daphne Selfe been in the modelling industry for 60 years, and is now 85 years old–with no signs of slowing down!

At 85, Daphne is UK’s oldest runway model, representing big brands such as D&G and Tata-Naka.

Ric Genest

Rick Genest, better known as ‘Zombie Boy’, was born in Canada, spending most of his teenage life backpacking until he met Frank Lewis, a Montreal tattoo artist when he was 19. It was then Lewis who turned Genest into a living form of art.

Rick Genest was discovered by Nicola Formichetti, fashion director of Lady Gaga. He was subsequently featured in Lady Gaga’s music video ‘Born This Way’.

Now he works as a successful model for various fashion labels and is represented by Ford.