10 Of The Most Unusual Japanese Subcultures

Gyaruo or Male Hosts

Gyaruo style is the preferred fashion style of young men who want to look cool through their expensive clothes, heavy cologne and Rod Stewart-like hairstyles. Gyaruo style is often preferred by male hosts — men who work in host clubs and go drinking with women. Like the gyaru, these male hosts keep their skin unnaturally tan and sport dyed blond hair.

Not all men who dress like gyaruo are actual male hosts, but those who are make large amounts of money in these specialized male hosting clubs. They do nothing but sit with women, drink and flirt with them.


Sukeban literally means ‘female boss’, known for badass all-girl gangs that commit small criminal acts like shoplifting, vandalizing, etc. These gangs first appeared in the sixties. The largest known Sukeban gang is the Kanto Women Delinquent Alliance with 20,000 girls. These girls often follow strict rules within their gangs, and breaking them will result in some form of punishment. They are required to wear pleated skirts that go down to their feet, with custom-embroidered uniform.